26 Jan 2015

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

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1.  Start liking photos. One of the best ways for you to gain followers is to start liking photos – as many as possible. Scroll down through your home feed and like some or all of your friend’s photos. Hopefully the ones who aren’t following you back already will now start following you.

  • Go to the explore” page and take a look at the most popular photos. Like some or all of them, as these accounts tend to have lots of followers and some of them might just follow you.
  • Next, search for photos of people, things or places you’re interested in, using hash tags. For example, if you want to see pictures of the Eiffel Tower, type in #paris, #latoureiffel or just #eiffeltower. Like as many of the photos as possible.
  • A third option, and one reserved for people who want a lot of followers fast is to search for some of the most popular tags, such as #followme #like4like or #instadaily. Now just scroll through all of the pictures in that feed, double tapping to like as you go.
  • Do this with multiple tags, until you’ve liked about a thousand pictures. It may seem kind of extreme, but if you do this everyday you are guaranteed to see your number of followers rise rapidly – – setting you firmly on your path to 1K followers.

2.  Start commenting on people’s photos. Not only should you start liking people’s pictures, you should also start commenting on them.

  • This provides more of a personal touch, and people will be so flattered with your nice comments that they’ll be more inclined to follow you!
  • You won’t be able to comment on all the pictures you like, but try doing it for as many as possible. It doesn’t have to be an essay – something as simple as “nice pic!” or “love this” can work just fine.
  • However, an even more personal comment is more effective – something like “I really love the lighting in this picture – good work!” or “I love your hair – wish I could get mine to look like that!”. Remember people – flattery will get you everywhere.

3.  Add comments, questions or CTAs to your photos. Although Instagram is 90% pictures, it’s important not to forget about the power of words. Captioning your photos with funny, clever or unique comments or questions can be a great way to engage with your followers and also gain new ones.

  • Give a little explanation of what the picture is about, or what inspired it. Or else you can simply state where the picture was taken. Keep it to a couple of sentences though – people are lazy and will probably skim over it if it’s too long.
  • Ask questions, as these will encourage other people to comment on your posts, which looks good to potential followers. It could be something simple like a picture of a new coffee shop in town with the question “Anyone been here yet?” Or you could post a picture of two different pairs of shoes and ask your followers which you should wear today.
  • Include CTAs (Calls To Action) in your posts. For example, if you posted a picture of your cat in an awkward pose you could say something like “I want to see all of your crazy cats – use the tag #awkwardcats“. This will encourage your followers to take their own pictures and use your hashtag.

4. Post regularly – but not too often. You can’t expect people to follow you if you never post any photos, so it’s important to be really active on Instagram and to stay in tune with current trends.

  • Post between 1 and 10 photos a day, this should keep your audience engaged and make sure there is always something of yours in their feed.
  • However, you shouldn’t post pictures just for the sake of posting pictures – they should all be beautiful and unique in their own right. See tips for for taking good pictures in Part 4 below.
  • Don’t post too many pictures per day and avoid posting more than one picture at a time. This can clog up your followers’ news feeds, which many people don’t like.
  • And if they get sick of your constant positing, they might decide to unfollow you – which is the last thing you need when you’re trying to hit 1K followers!

5.  Post at the right time of day. You might take the coolest, funniest or most beautiful picture ever – but if you post it at a time of day when no one’s online, you limit the number of people who get see it and significantly reduce your chances of gaining new followers.

  • Think about your followers and their patterns – most people check their Instagram in the morning, before school or work and in the evening on their commute home, when they’re stuck on a train or in a traffic jam.
  • Therefore, if you post at these times (in the relevant timezone) you are much more likely to get attention for your pictures.
  • According to a survey conducted by Simply Measure, the peak time to post on Instagram is on Wednesday evenings between 5pm and 6pm, as this is when most users are active.[1]
  • You can also use apps like Statigram to find out the peak hours of Instagram usage among your followers, which can help you figure out when to post content.
  • Bear in mind that any post has a window of about four hours to pick up likes, comments and followers, before the post gets buried in people’s news feed.

6.  Give shoutouts. Another technique for gaining followers is to get shoutouts, and the best way to do this is to give shoutouts yourself.

  • A shoutout is essentially drawing attention to another person’s account by mentioning them in a post and asking your own followers to follow them. This exposes that person to a whole new group of potential followers that they would never have reached otherwise. The idea is that once you do this for someone, they will return the favor.
  • The ideal situation would be for a celebrity, a major brand, or someone with thousands of followers to give you a shoutout as this can majorly increase your Instagram cred and your number of followers. Unfortunately, it’s pretty rare for this to happen.
  • To give someone a shoutout, all you need to do is mention them in a comment. For example, if someone’s username is “catlover” you just need to write something like “this picture is for @catlover – follow her!” in a comment.
  • But if you want to give a really great shoutout, you can take a screenshot of the person’s user profile and post that screenshot on your own Instagram, telling your followers why they should follow them. This is great advertisement for that user’s account.
  • If you want to receive shoutouts, the best thing to do is to find a user (preferably one who posts content related to your own) and comment underneath their photos. Ask for a #shoutout and say something like “follow me and I’ll follow back”.